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Set your targets and get fit by following our workout plans and training videos. Track and show off your progress by taking and sharing photos of yourself throughout your fitness journey. Train on your own or test yourself against your friends.

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Get started in 3 simple steps

1) Choose your plan

With Fitness In My Pocket, you can choose if you would like to Get Lean, Get Strong or Get Fast. Our celebrity trainers, Laurel, Ernie and Josiah are there to help you with a proper training plan with training videos showing you exactly how it is done.

2) Set your target

Next, set your target by selecting your desired body weight (Get Lean) or your desired body shape (Get Strong) and how long you want to take to achieve your goal!

3) Set your level

Whether you're starting on your road to fitness or you're looking to challenge yourself to the next level with more intensive workouts, Fitness in Your Pocket has the plans ready for you! We have plans for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced users.

What is Fitness In My Pocket?

Fitness In My Pocket makes getting fit fun and easy. Stay on track with our tailored fitness programs. Our professional trainers will inspire you to push your boundaries. Let them show you how it's done and challenge yourself to do better.

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